How Many Years Does An Inverter Battery Last?

Starplus Batteries is the top and best tubular inverter battery manufacturer company in Nigeria. We are the best battery suppliers in Nigeria.

The Starplus Research and Development team is always researching how to make inverter batteries better and more reliable. 

This can be made possible by manufacturing batteries that have consistent top-notch performance. Our inverter battery needs less maintenance and fits in a small space.

About Our Batteries: Applications, Warranty

Starplus offers a long-lasting inverter tubular battery. Our tubular inverter batteries come in different capacities ranging from 130AH to 240AH.

These inverter batteries not only last long but are incredibly powerful too. The warranty ranges from 36 (18+18) months to 60 (36+24) months.

Starplus Inverter batteries are specially designed to be used with home and industrial inverters where traditionally flooded tubular batteries are typically used.

Most inverters have chargers with high-ripple content that cause the shedding of active materials in the battery plate.

As a result, tubular batteries are preferred over flat plate maintenance-free batteries. Leader tubular Inverter industrial battery is specially designed to encapsulate the plates with gel electrolyte to prevent shedding. 

Starplus Tubular Inverter Battery Products

Starplus Tubular Inverter Battery Products

Model No.Box TypeAh CapacityLengthWidthHeightTotal Warranty
SP15000 XBIT50015050519041024 MONTHS
SP16500 XBIT50016550519041024 MONTHS
SP20000 XBIT50020050519041024 MONTHS
SP22000 XBIT50022050519041024 MONTHS

Starplus Tubular Inverter Batteries: Special Features and Qualities

Starplus Tubular Inverter Batteries: Special Features and Qualities

All the inverter batteries in the market may typically work the same but what makes Starplus Inverter batteries exceptional is its cutting-edge technology, high-quality raw material, and in-house battery manufacturing plant.

To meet the energy and quality requirements of our customers, our manufacturing plant is equipped with the latest and most advanced equipment.

This equipment is imported from various countries around the world, all because we want to produce batteries that can power high-end devices regularly while also having a prolonged lifespan.

It’s not a surprising thing to hear that Nigeria’s electricity grid is unreliable. As a result, our customers (new and existing) need an inverter battery that can serve as a rouged high drain standby source of power.

The demand for stationary batteries is substantially higher, and these are used in applications such as standby applications, home systems, telecommunication networks, power plants, refrigerators, restaurants and lots more.

The grid of the Starplus inverter batteries is cast with innovative alloys. It also has very thick and modified plates. This also comes with a reason as well, as it ensures long life and greater reliability. A special low vaporous curing process further enhances the superior quality of the battery.

Together, the superior design characteristics give better backup for with-standing frequent and long power cuts.

What Is the Average Life of an Inverter Battery?

What Is the Average Life of an Inverter Battery?

The average life or the lifespan of an inverter battery depends on its type, among other important features.

Each type of inverter battery has its average lifespan. Here are the 3 common types of inverter batteries in Nigeria.

  1. Flat Plate Inverter Battery
  2. Tubular Inverter Battery
  3. Gel Inverter Battery

Flat Plate Inverter Battery

A flat Plate Inverter Battery is a lead-acid battery that can be used to run home and industrial inverters. A flat plate inverter battery is more suitable for places that have low power duration and little cuts.

Out of the three types of inverter batteries, the flat plate is the cheapest. But that’s most probably the only advantage it has.

There are many disadvantages of buying a flat plate inverter battery in Nigeria. Some of them are listed below.

  1. Flat plate inverter batteries have a very short lifespan of 3 years on average
  2. A short warranty period is usually given to the buyer by the manufacturing company
  3. A flat plate inverter battery has a very low power efficiency

Tubular Inverter Battery

A tubular inverter battery is a lead-acid battery as well. However, it is much bigger when compared to a flat plate inverter battery.

Tubular batteries are the best type of inverter batteries in Nigeria. This is indisputable, as they can be used in areas that have frequent power cuts. Tubular inverter batteries are also the best for applications that require high power.

A tubular inverter battery is made to last very long. It has a longer duration of service when compared to a flat plate and gel batteries.

They are also more durable and give the longest warranty period to customers. Tubular inverter batteries are designed in different dimensions. However, you should make your selection based on the available space you have in your house, workshop or industry.

Tubular inverter batteries can be further grouped into Short tubular batteries (ST and TJ) and Tall tubular batteries (TT).

Short Tubular Inverter Battery

A short tubular inverter battery has a small height. You can say it’s a little bit shorter than normal. However, it is wider, so as to make up for the short height.

You should go for the short type if the available space you have is not much. Plus, a short tubular inverter battery is easier to move around.

Tall Tubular Inverter Battery

A tall tubular inverter battery has a tall and long height. You can say it’s a little bit taller than normal. The very tall height is compensated for by its smaller width. 

In summary, a tall tubular battery is the opposite of a short tubular battery (in terms of design and physical appearance).

A tall tubular inverter battery will need more space as a result of its long height. However, you should buy it if you have the space. The reason for this I’d due to their tallness, which results in a longer power backup time.

Gel Inverter Batteries

Gel Inverter batteries also have an acidic electrolyte. However, they are maintenance-free and are regulated by valves.

Generally, gel Inverter batteries are big but most comfortable to use. This is because you can use them inside your house. They deposit very little fumes into the air and they can be used in homes that have little ventilation.

You might be wondering what this has to do with ventilation. Don’t worry, you will know now.

Other inverter batteries release highly toxic gases into the surroundings. Some of them are flammable and reactive. They can cause fire accidents, which is why they are always positioned in the backyard or at any safe distance.

However, maintenance-free free batteries release just little fumes into the environment. They are called “Maintenance-free inverter batteries” because they don’t need to be refilled with water.

In place of water refill, they use their one-way open valves. This special design allows the battery to use air from the surroundings to recombine into water. This is automatically done at intervals. 

Gel inverter batteries are also referred to as “SLA (Sealed Lead-Acid) batteries”. This is because their body is completely sealed and there is no risk of acid spillage.

Advantages Of Buying A Gel Inverter Battery

  1. They are very eco-friendly
  2. They are also deep cycle batteries and can be discharged up to 20% without having any serious impact
  3. Gel batteries are maintenance-free
  4. They have zero risk of acid spillage
  5. They can so be charged at a low voltage

Disadvantages Of Buying A Gel Inverter Battery

  1. They are very expensive compared to their lifespan
  2. Gel batteries charge at low voltages. This causes them to damage at high voltages
  3. High temperatures don’t do gel batteries any good. The electrolyte will shrink away from the negative and positive plates

Which Battery is Best for an Inverter?

Which Battery is Best for an Inverter?

A tubular inverter battery is the best in Nigeria so far. Some might say it requires a water refill at intervals, but it’s still worth it.

A tubular inverter battery can support devices with high power requirements. They are also stronger and more durable. Most importantly, they have the longest average lifespan of 7 to 8 years.

What Is the Advantage of Tubular Inverter Battery?

There are many advantages to buying a tubular inverter battery in Nigeria. Here are some of them.

  1. A tubular battery can recharge and discharge at a fairly high temperature
  2. They can endure continuous shedding of materials for a long period
  3. Tubular batteries can be used with devices and equipment that have high power requirements
  4. Even though tubular batteries are not maintenance-free, they are still more comfortable to use
  5. Tubular Batteries can be charged with high voltages, unlike gel batteries
  6. They are also a good option for areas where the grid power duration is small
  7. And to cap it all, tubular batteries have the longest life duration. They can last up to 8 years

The Best Tubular Inverter Battery Company in Nigeria – Starplus Tubular Inverter Batteries

The Best Tubular Inverter Battery Company in Nigeria - Starplus Tubular Inverter Batteries

MMNL is the best battery manufacturing company in Nigeria. We operate under the brand name “STAR PLUS”. We are ISO 920340 certified company, and our factory is based in Gbara Village, Ogun State.

Since 2008, we have been manufacturing more than 200,000 batteries every year. So now, you can do your calculation and see how far we’ve got.

While operating under the name “Starplus”, we have manufactured many types of batteries which will all suit your energy requirements.

Starplus batteries are eco-friendly and are capable of being completely recycled, thereby minimizing wastage, and living up to their responsibility towards the environment.

We use the quality material with advanced technology to give the best to all our customers. Contact us now to get a long-lasting tubular inverter battery that will give you peace of mind.